Spyderco Roadie Brown C189PBN pocket knife Spyderco

Spyderco Roadie Brown C189PBN pocket knife Spyderco

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The Spyderco Roadie is a friendly-looking knife you can take out anywhere. The Roadie cannot be opened with one hand and is enhanced with a slipjoint mechanism. This means that the blade doesn't lock when opened. Combined with the limited blade length the Roadie can legally be carried in many places in Europe. As the name already suggests this pocket knife is the perfect companion when you are on holiday or in the city!

The lack of a lock is compensated by the clear click when the knife opens. Halfway through closing the knife you once again hear a clear click. Your index finger automatically falls in the finger groove at the start of the blade. If the blade accidentally closes it is stopped by your finger which decreases the chances of accidents. The round cut-out towards the tip of the blade makes sure you can open the pocket knife without using your finger nails. You can easily open the knife with your index finger and thumb.

The blade is made from N690Co-steel. A good type of steel for daily use that retains its sharpness well. The FRN light-weight handle feels comfortable in hand. The Spyderco Roadie does not have a pocket clip. Because of the small size and the compact design the Roadie can still easily be worn in the coin pocket of your jeans or your chest pocket.