Marttiini Folding MBL Knife - Curly Birch

Marttiini Folding MBL Knife - Curly Birch

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Folding knife MBL curly birch

Product no.: 930115

A robust folding knife with back-lock locking.
The blade and robust body of the knife are made from stainless steel, hardness 56-58 HRC.

The handle parts are made from beautiful curly birch. Marttiini MBL folding knives are delivered in a cardboard gift box.

Additional product information

Length of blade
9 cm
Total length
21,5 cm
Blade material
Stainless steel
Handle material
Curly birch
Cardboard gift box

Stainless chromium steel

The stainless steel used by Marttiini is easy to maintain as a blade material. A stainless steel blade remains sharp for long. Chromium makes up 13% of the steel mixture and the hardness of the mixture is 53-54 Rockwell units (HRC). A diamond sharpener is recommended for sharpening chromium steel.

Curly birch

The traditional material used for Finnish knife handles is curly birch. The material comes from the curly birch belt in Central Finland. The blaze-patterned curly birch is an excellent fit as a material for a knife handle, because it's durable and fair. This beautifully patterned curly birch is available on the market in limited amounts, which makes the price notably higher than regular birch.