KA-BAR US Navy Knife 1225

KA-BAR US Navy Knife 1225

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The KA-BAR U.S. Army Knife 1225 is a cool knife and is very similar to the famous 1217. The KA-BAR U.S. Navy Knife, however, has a U.S. Navy logo on the blade and the sheath.

In 1942 the 1217 was used by the United States Marine Corps as a standard fighting knife for the marines. Ever since this knife is a part of the standard equipment of many soldiers. The knife is big and feels very strong. The handle is enhanced with a knife guard to make sure you will never end up on the razor-sharp edge during heavy-duty use. The blade is made from 1095-carbon steel. This steel, however, is not corrosion-resistant. Fortunately the blade is enhanced with a black coating to make sure maintenance is a lot easier. The handle is made from stacked leather rings. Comfortable for your hands, even in the freezing cold.

KA-BAR: living legend

In the 70 years that KA-BAR USMC exists it became a real living legend. This knife is copied often and many renowned manufacturers produced a version of this model. As such KA-BAR almost became a generic name for this amazing knife. However, never forget there is only one original: The KA-BAR 1217, made by KA-BAR in New York.

This KA-BAR comes with a leather sheath in order to easily carry it with you.

Dimensions & weight

Weight 300 grams
Blade height 3.1 cm
Blade length 17.9 cm
Length 30 cm
Blade thickness 4.2 mm
Handle length 11.9 cm