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Fox Nauta Slip Joint Ziricote FOX230ZW

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Product Description

The Fox Nauta FX-230 is a remarkable pocket knife that was made in Italy. Perhaps the design is not even that special. The story behind it, however, is! For years Fox Knives has been producing knives for different brands as an OEM manufacturer. But also special assignments for governments around the world. Years ago, for instance, there was an assignment for a special pocket knife for the German navy. Job done: nothing going on. Recently, however, they came across quite a large amount of extra blades from that assignment. For years these had been gathering dust in their warehouse. Time to do something with that!

The result is the Fox Knives Nauta: a slim and light-weight pocket knife for the real gentleman. The blade is made from German 420HC steel, and for the original client the term 'Rostfrei' was stamped into the blade, German for 'stainless'. 420HC might not be stainless, it is corrosion resistant. As such it won't easily be affected by rust and is easy to sharpen.

You open the Fox Nauta with two hands and a slipjoint will offer resistance from accidental closing. Because of this combination the Fox Nauta can legally be carried in many places. The handle is made from zircote wood. A great dark type of wood with a warm look and feel.

Dimensions & weight

Weight 80 grams
Blade length 8.5 cm
Closed length 10 cm
Blade thickness 4 mm
Total length 18.5 cm