EK Archery Guillotine M+ Crossbow Package 185lbs

EK Archery Guillotine M+ Crossbow Package 185lbs

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The upgraded version of the Guilotine-M is one of the most effective compound crossbows that EK archery have ever produced and ensures that the M is a favourite amongst serious shooters.


  • 4x32 Crossbow Scope
  • Cocking Rope
  • Shoulder Sling
  • 3-bolt Bow Quiver
  • Goggles
  • String Wax
    3 x 20" Carbon Bolts


  • Stock:Reinforced composite stock, soft-molded grooved-finger pistol grip, ergonomic butt-plate and cheek rest for comfort.
  • Limbs:Durable compression fibreglass
  • Trigger:Anti-dry fire safety mechanism
  • Extended Bullpup Trigger:Compacting the crossbow's design by shifting the grip forward to achieve a more ergonomic and operational balance.
  • Riser Aluminium / CNC machined
  • Barrel:Aluminium / CNC machined
  • String Stopper: Decelerates string and deadens vibration


  • Bow Rating: 370 fps
  • Draw Weight: 185 lb
  • Power Stroke: 13.75"
  • Mass Weight: 8 lb
  • Colours: Black, Camo