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Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto Plain Edge S35VN CS-27BT

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Product Description

The Cold Steel Recon 1 is an almost indestructible pocket knife that has earned its stripes over the years. Of all the pocket knives on the market, the Tri-Ad-Lock from Cold Steel is one of the very strongest. This pocket knife is therefore ideal for people who ask a lot from their tools.

The CPM S35VN blade is enhanced with a black DLC coating. This coating will help you prevent corrosion. In the long term, it is inevitable that the coating will wear off due to use. This gives the knife a unique look and feel. CPM S35VN is very stainless and retains its sharpness very well. Fortunately, it is also easy to sharpen it yourself.

You open the blade with the thumb stud. When opened a solid Tri-Ad-Lock neatly keeps the blade in place. The Tri-Ad-Lock is a modern incarnation of the classic back lock that has been made for decades. Designer Andrew Demko used that familiar lock and added a solid stop-pin and a larger hinge hole for the spring. This means that the pin absorbs all the upward force of the cutting process and the larger hole gives the spring more room to absorb blows. This has made it a more robust, almost self-correcting system.

The handle is made from G10. A light-weight material which is enormously strong. Because of the way Cold Steel has processed it, it also offers enough grip. It almost sticks to your hand during use. To easily carry it with you, it comes with a pocket clip. A second pocket clip is supplied for left-handed use. Because of the locking and opening mechanism for left-handed people the knife is usable as for right-handed people as well.

You easily open the Recon one-handed. Because of the pocket clip you can safely carry it in your pocket. A second pocket clip is supplied for left-handed use.

Dimensions & weight

Weight 155 grams
Blade height 3 cm
Blade length 10.1 cm
Closed length 13.6 cm
Blade thickness 3.4 mm
Total length 23.4 cm