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Benchmade 565SBK Mini Freek Folding Knife

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Product Description

The Benchmade 565 Mini Freek is a practical pocket knife for everyday use. Light-weight but capable of many things. The perfect pocket knife to learn more about the American Benchmade production.

The Benchmade Mini Freek has a compact and manageable blade made from CPM S30V steel. An American type of powder metallurgic steel. Sounds difficult, but all you have to know and remember is that this is a high-tech type of steel perfect for pocket knives. Retains its sharpness well, excellent abrasion-resistance, and relatively easy to sharpen yourself.

For the handle Benchmade has chosen a relatively new type of material: Versaflex. A light-weight type of thermoplastic that feels great in hand. To offer the blade the necessary solidity a steel liner has been added around the pivot.

You can easily open the Mini Freek with one hand. When opened the famous AXIS-lock will firmly keep the blade in place. In terms of construction the pocket knife is completely symmetric making it the perfect tool for both left and right-handed users. The pocket clip has been placed for right-handed use but you can easily switch it by using a Torx T6 screwdriver.

So, are you looking for a light-weight pocket knife enhanced with a sizeable blade for everyday use? Look no further!