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Top 10 CRKT Knives

Top 10 CRKT Knives

CRKT® (Columbia River Knife and Tool®) was founded in 1994. From day one, they put innovation and integrity first. They made a commitment to build knives and tools that would inspire and endure. CRKT collaborate with the best designers in the world and operate on a simple principle: that the greatest thing we can give our customers is Confidence in Hand®.

Here at Tactical Knives UK, not only do we stock the largest range of CRKT knives in the United Kingdom - we also offer the most competitive prices around. All of our fixed blade and folding knives are genuine and come with a lifetime guarantee.

CRKT knives are extremely high quality and offer a lot of bang for your buck. They are extremely high quality and are priced very reasonably ranging from budget to premium. Here's our pick of the bunch.


1. CRKT Pilar

Buy CRKT Pilar Tactical Knives UK

Arguably the most popular knife in the CRKT lineup. The Pilar comes in a large or small size and has many different colours to choose from such as Black Silver or Copper. Designed by Jesper Voxnaes in Loegstrup, Denmark - the standard Pilar features a 2.40" blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel with a satin finish. This blade is a workhorse and is carefully designed to punch above its weight when in use.



Buy CRKT CEO Tactical Knives UK

Another popular knife from CRKT is the CEO. Designed by Richard Rogers in Magdalena, New Mexico - this knife is a gentlemens carry made to be worn with a suit and tie. The CEO embodies the working spirit of everyday carry with a supremely low profile and no corners cut on usability and ergonomics. At first glance, it could be mistaken for a pen tucked into a shirt pocket, and that's the way Richard Rogers envisioned.

3. CRKT Tuna

Buy CRKT Tuna Tactical Knives UK

With a profile that suggests strong forward momentum and a blade shape that looks like a deep-sea carnivore, the Tuna everyday carry folding knife slices through packages and boxes faster than a Bluefin slices through the swell on a taut line. Designed by Lucas Burnley in Bend, Oregon - this blade features a 3.22" blade and is made from 8Cr14MoV steel with a stonewash finish. Get the power of one of the world’s largest, fastest fish in your pocket.


4. CRKT Copacetic

Buy CRKT Copacetic Tactical Knives UK

This tactical folder, inspired by the famous Adaptive Combat Rifle™ by Bushmaster®, stands up to the grittiest challenge. Its smart carry capabilities keep it close at hand when it needs to be a last resort. The blade is outfitted with a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance and non-reflection in tactical situations. The flipper opening is remarkably swift and deploys the blade smoothly from the black glass-reinforced nylon handle. Get your hands on the textured grips and lock in confidence in hand regardless of the circumstance.


5. CRKT M16

Buy CRKT M16 Tactical Knives UK

The hefty M16®-04Z Big Dog offers a larger dual grind Tanto-style blade. These are full-size working knives suited to large hands and heavy-duty tasks. It uses InterFrame construction, tough, textured glass filled nylon scales over a 420J2 stainless steel liner InterFrame. The handles are assembled with superior offset Torx® fasteners and is exceptionally rigid and fills the hand perfectly. These knives are built for function, not fad.


6. CRKT Avant

Buy CRKT Avant Tactical Knives UK

The Louis Vuitton of the EDC world - Classy. Easy to carry. Built for hard use. The experienced eye can take one look at a knife and instantly recognize the work of a master. The dead giveaway: simplicity. With its clean lines, subtle bronze details, and highly-ergonomic build, the Avant™ everyday carry folding knife asserts its position at the top of the pack. The Avant's carbon fiber handles come in a black woven texture that are stylish and lightweight.


7. CRKT Homefront

Buy CRKT Homefront Tactical Knives UK

It might look like your grandpa’s classic WWII knife, but it’s got an impressive secret. The new Homefront™ knife is the first in our fleet to feature “Field Strip” technology. This in-field, no-tool take apart capability lets you purge your most reliable companion of a hard day’s grime right where you are, without ever returning to your workbench. The Homefront comes in a few different versions such as black, tanto and serrated. A truly beast of a knife.


8. CRKT Deviation

Buy CRKT Deviation Tactical Knives UK

This isn't a prop from Star Trek. This Terry Lee Renner-designed futuristic looking everyday carry defies convention. The titanium nitride finished two-tone handle is uniquely angular yet surprisingly comfortable to hold. Meanwhile an IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system makes it easy to deploy the tanto tip blade anywhere. Mars, for instance.


9. CRKT Crossbones

Buy CRKT Crossbones Tactical Knives UK

The Crossbones is an extremely versatile everyday carry knife for cutting meat, opening envelopes, and everything in between. Designed under the tutelage of master designer Ken Onion, it holds up to high standards while reflecting a fresh, new design and function. The Crossbones practically disappears when you slide it into your pocket, but it’ll come out ready to face any task at hand.


10. CRKT Provoke Kinematic

Buy CRKT Provoke Kinematic Tactical Knives UK

Serve and Protect. The Provoke™ morphing karambit knife draws on ancient design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret. The first knife ever to feature Kinematic® technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit and comes to life when there’s trouble afoot.


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