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As we approach the end of the year we will start to see some new knives and designs get released. Here is a list from one of our experts featuring some great new knives that have been released this year. We have one of the largest ranges of CRKT knives that you can buy in the UK and we always aim for the best prices.

1. CRKT Kova Front Lock Folding Knife CR6645 - £59.95

The name Kova™ springs from Finnish origin, meaning “tough, hard, or demanding a lot of effort to endure.” Designed by veteran knife designer, Ken Steigerwalt, the front lock folding knife’s strength and durability isn’t just in the name, it’s how it rises to face everyday tasks and challenges.

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2. CRKT Kith Front Lock CR6433 - £59.95

CRKT Kith Front Lock CR6433

The Kith is designed by veteran knifemaker Ken Steigerwalt, who takes inspiration from traditional midlock joints and backlock folders to create a whole new approach with his front lock design. Intuitively constructed, opening the blade feels second-nature, giving this knife’s Old English name for “friend” a whole other meaning.

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3. CRKT Provoke Kinematic Karambit CR4040 - £199.95

Serve. Protect. The Provoke® morphing karambit knife draws on ancient design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret. The first knife ever to feature Kinematic® technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit and comes to life when there’s trouble afoot.

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4. CRKT Minimalist Bowie Cthulhu CR2387O - £39.95

This compact fixed blade neck knife with tough handles is newly decked in a glow-in-the-dark 3D printed design that’ll spark campfire conversations. In the woods or the garage, it feels equally at home.

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5. CRKT Pilar III Framelock D2 Steel CR5317D2 - £69.95


The Pilar® III with D2 Blade Steel transforms the minimalist’s sailor knife into a distinctly urban everyday carry folder while keeping the spirit of the classic and the epic tale behind its name. It’s still low profile and understated when tucked away, and carefully designed to punch above its weight when in use.

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6. CRKT Bona Fide Linerlock Silver K540GXP - £109.95

World-renowned designer Ken Onion made Hawaii home many years ago. So, to pay tribute to his deep love of the island’s rich culture and verdant landscape, he designed the Bona Fide™ everyday carry folding knife to suggest the shape of a traditional Hawaiian waʻa, or canoe. And with Field Strip Gen II, it’s just as powerful as it looks.

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7. CRKT CEO Flipper Linerlock CR7097 - £49.95

Discreetly compact enough to stow in your shirt pocket, the CEO folding knife is as sophisticated as it is functional. Designed with a supremely low profile, the CEO cuts no corners on usability and ergonomics, fully embodying the working spirit of everyday carry.

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8. CRKT Nirk Tighe Green Klecker Lock CR5241 - £64.95

The machined, dynamic and functional design of the Nirk™ Tighe everyday carry folding knife is the centerpiece of your workday and conversations. Crafted around the innovative Klecker Lock, the Nirk™ Tighe is impressively strong even in the midst of tough, dirty jobs.

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9. CRKT Symmetry Slip Joint CR7190 - £54.95

The Symmetry™ is what happens when your everyday carry becomes your anywhere carry. Carefully designed to move freely through areas with tighter restrictions, the ambidextrous folding knife features a classic slip joint, a low profile design, and colorful details that make it the smart choice no matter where you’re headed.

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10. CRKT Compano Carabiner CR9082 - £42.95

The Compano™ /kum-pan-oh/ everyday carry keychain carabiner folding knife is a compact yet remarkably useful belt loop blade—the perfect companion for your pocket knife.

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That concludes our list, to see our full range of CRKT knives please click the link below:

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